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Archive 8 March 2020


MEKALA ANURADHADAS (Born on 06-06-1979), W/o Ambadas, residing at Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Anuradhadas with the support of her husband has done a painting of saree on a white color rexine sheet, which measures around 48.5 x 275 inches, saree painting size is 44.4 x 241.49 inches, (includes Blouse & Pallu) and was done from 08 March 2020 to 05 September 2020, total 90 days, 360 hours ( excludes lockdown period ). The Royal Blue and Gold colors that are used for screen printing were used. The making use of screen printing colors for painting the saree on a rexine sheet is the special feature. This was done to create a new trend in saree painting and Anuradhadas marvelous talent in art has been appreciated.